Slow Moscow – Moscow Video

Slow Moscow

Moscow in slow motion. Camera and montage – Andrey Stvolinsky. Music – Kilimanjaro DarkJazz Ensemble.


18 Responses to “Slow Moscow – Moscow Video”

  1. djblackcoat says:

    Why was their usd on the ground people were walking on?

  2. slayerfiend33 says:

    Eww guatamala? Go away

  3. roberto viciedo luna says:

    american dollars on the street .real or fake ?no one seem to care to pick them up

  4. Guateangel says:

    Beautiful, I want to go to Moscow soooo bad ♥♥♥ Greetings from Guatemala!!!

  5. 911Investigate911 says:

    But the cars are moving more than double speed.

  6. daDfarSpanTaistheKin says:

    in soviet russia , a slow moves the moscow.

  7. stvolinsky says:

    Casio EX-F1

  8. menue4real says:

    which camera did u use ?

  9. ortalliberty says:

    Oh ……….. it seems that they were going to kill the photographer – there.
     Cold are probably affected by cold

  10. KelSnoopy says:

    FIFA World Cup™ 2018 or Winter Olimpic Games 2014, Welcome! You have a good chances 🙂

  11. KelSnoopy says:

    Страшное, но ужасно красивое видео! 🙂

  12. Sven2Perroy says:

    also , at 3:37, when there is the artist, you can see the light flashing, that’s because at 300 fps the camera can pick it, but you and your eye cant. thats why this old man has eye sight problems. it flashed all the time! but in such a fast way that his brain doesnt understand.

  13. Sven2Perroy says:

    the most spectacular part is when people are crossing the road, that bit is so nice

  14. Younes Seddiki says:

    thats offensive

  15. uncleflaco says:

    Cool video – I hope to see Moscow and St. Petersburg some day.

  16. uberlyhandsome says:

    its just like ur economy ….slow!

  17. lewdstep says:

    The best comment in Russian on youtube EVER!

  18. Eduardo Perilla Gonzalez says:

    Good job


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