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Moscow's last stand: How Soviet troops defeated Nazis for first time in WW2 While the epic battle raged on, Moscow residents had to “survive all the horrors of war: hunger, cold, devastation, loss of family and the loved ones,” according to Rimma Grachyova, who was seven years old when the war broke out. “Most frightening…

'No Russian troops in Ukraine': Moscow's OSCE rep responds to Kiev's claims The OSCE was told there was no Russian presence spotted across the Ukraine border, refuting Thursday's claims that a full-scale invasion was underway. Both the Ukrainian monitoring team head and Russia's representative have given a firm 'no.'. Read more on RT (blog)

Advancing Ukraine Troops Take Fight to Heart of Pro-Moscow Rebellion (Reuters) – A gun battle broke out in the center of the rebel-held Ukrainian city of Donetsk and residents ran for cover from artillery fire on Tuesday, taking a government military offensive into the heart of the retreating pro-Moscow separatist … Read more on Newsweek

Pro-European Troops Turn Pro-Russian, NATO Heats Up Pressure On Moscow Pro-Russian gunmen stormed city hall in Donetsk, a large city in west Ukraine, on Wednesday. Apparenty, the Urkranian troops that were originally meant to be restoring order and peace to Ukraine have now sided with the separatists. Accoriding to the … Read more on Neon Tommy